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Friday, April 30, 2010

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

KT is 10 weeks old!

KT at 3 weeks

Can you believe she's already 10 weeks old? I know, hard to believe myself. Time has really flown and KT has changed so much. It seems like every week she is discovering something new.

Two weeks ago, we discovered we had feet. So we kick, kick, kick all the time. And last week, we found our tongue. So we spend all our awake time sticking our tongue out - it's really quite funny! KT is also trying to use her vocal chords by making sporadic cries and then she'll stop and pause and make a face as if to say, "Hey, that was cool!"
I was so blessed to be able to spend 9 weeks at home with her. But last Monday was my official day back on the job. And you know what that meant, right? Daycare *cue doom music*. I really avoided thinking about it (much like my thoughts on labor) and on Sunday night, I realized where she was going the next day. I got a bit teary eyed at the thought.

Monday morning came around and when I actually had to pass her over to the ladies in the nursery, I did okay. When I got outside the door though, that was a different story! Tears were shed, me asking Jeff "are you SURE I can't be a stay-at-home Mom" came out of my mouth (I know!) and then a sad trip in to my first day back at work. But things wer soon put into perspective and I controlled myself by only calling the daycare twice to check in on her. When I went to pick her up (early) that afternoon, she got rave reviews. But boy did she look tired!
The rest of the week went smooth from then on out. They read to her during the day, give her tummy time (much needed), and she just stares at the other babies in the nursery with her (she's definitely the youngest!). And this is all great, because they keep her active! By the time we get her home and get some much needed "KT time" for ourselves, we bathe her at 7:30, feed her, read to her and she goes to bed! Not so bad, so far! I just miss her throughout the day.

I finally (again, I know!) cleared out my CF card and downloaded osme pics of her. So I thought I'd share:

Father and Daughter
KT's cry face
KT Koenig at 5.5 weeks

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Can Sew!

I know you're waiting for a post on K.T. and I promise, I'm working on that. But in the meantime, here's a preview of what I've been working on while K.T. has been sleeping during the day.

My sister-in-law, Lauren, gave me this awesome rag quilt at one of my baby showers. I have used that thing so much. Mainly I've used it as a car seat tent to cover K.T. during bad weather. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it and one day decided I should disect it to see how this person made it.

So I made one. It was horrible. So I made another. And it got better. Since then, I've made three more. I just gave one to my friend Sarah, who is expecting her baby boy Connor at the end of April. I also just gave two of them to some yoga friends for their babies.

They are fairly simple to make, I have to admit. And, this poses no challenge on my sewing skills, as I know how to sew a straight line. But anyway, wanted to share!

Here's the second one I made - loved the fabric, but the fraying was too large. I have since made another with this fabric and it turned out so much better.

Here's the one I made for Connor. My third try, and oh so much better. I actually LOVED this one and the fabric as well.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Two to Three

I've noticed a trend now that I'm a mama to a newborn...

I used to sleep through the night, now I wake up every
2-3 hours

Seems like Jeff's day now beings between
2:00 and 3:00 am

I used to do laundry every weekend, and now it seems I do
2-3 loads in a day

I used to be anal about checking my mail, now I check it every
2-3 days

The average time for me to return a phone call right now, seems to be
2-3 days (if you're lucky!)

I'm lucky if I get a shower in every
2-3 days

I used to be really anal about cleaning my house, but now I'm lucky if I can vacuum every
2-3 weeks!

And if you ask, we're not having another kid for
2-3 years!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ten Things I've Learned in the Past 3 Weeks

10. She may smile because she has gas, but I think it's because she recognizes my voice.
9. They grow quickly. That is no lie.
8. Car seats are heavy.
7. We have a ton of burp cloths, yet we can never find one when we need one.
6. Diaper bags: How to pack them, what to pack them with, etc.
5. You can live off little to no sleep (but that doesn't mean you are pleasant to be around).
4. For someone so small, she has more laundry than both Jeff and I combined.
3. You can NEVER have too many diapers.
2. Projectile poop happens. Prepare yourselves.
1. I love motherhood.

Monday, February 08, 2010

We're Alive!

Hello World, I've been disconnected for a few days now. Okay, not completely, but from the blogging world I've taken a short leave of absence. But all for a great reason!
K.T. is already 10 days old and I feel like the time has flown! To all of those people who have told me that time flies once you have kids, I feel like I can now relate. It seems like next week she'll be playing t-ball and in a month she'll be turning 16 - am I over exaggerating? Maybe, but hormones make you crazy like that.

My baby turned 1 week last Friday!

To all my women friends who have yet to have babies, BE WARNED, the post partum hormones are crazy! Do you hear me? C.R.A.Z.Y. One moment you are same 'ole, same 'ole, the next moment you're crying for no good reason. And to all my women friends who HAVE had babies, thanks a lot for not warning me about this part! Poor Jeff, he's in a lose-lose situation. Actually, I think the worst has passed (first week). Friday I didn't even cry once! Yeah!

K.T. has been such a fantastic baby - I still can't believe she is already here. Jeff and I spend a lot of time just staring at her and enjoying the cute baby noises that she makes. She hardly ever cries, only when she's hungry - oh, and if she gets a bath (not a fan...yet). She's gaining weight, which is the most fantastic part as we had a little trouble last week with eating. But we've established a routine and her appetite seems to be growing every day. I already think she's filled out some.

We have another pediatrician appointment on Friday to do her 2-week follow up (2 weeks?!? *sob* See? Crazy hormones!). I'm sick of doctors appointments. We had about 3 last week and I'm sick of seeing people poke and prod at my baby! :(

Jeff is off another week from work this week - thank God. He's such an awesome Dad, as I knew he would be. He handles a lot of early morning (3am on) feedings so I can get more sleep and he's so natural with her, it's amazing. While we have enjoyed visits from family and friends, my favorite time is when the three of us get to relax together. No worries, just quality time - because once Jeff and I go back to work, we'll miss this time and I realize that. I'm starting to see how people can be Stay-at-Home-Mom's now.... I don't want to leave my baby at daycare (tearing up).

K.T. and Daddy

Well, that's the latest. Hope everyone is doing well! Can someone tell me what day it is? or maybe what's going on in the world? How about the weather?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

K.T. Koenig

Well, she's here! A little early, but I know she's mine if she was this "impatient" to get here. Not in the mood to write, so I'll post a pic instead.

Katherine Teal "K.T." Koenig
Friday, January 29, 2010

via c-section

Weight: 5lbs 11oz

Length: 19 inches